Great days in Kangerlussuaq

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Great days in Kangerlussuaq. Clare and Mike from Ireland are here already. All our cargo has arrived. The weather here is nice, as always.

We meet Snåsagutan, the Norwegian team that will try to break the record time for a Greenland crossing.
They were traveling way lighter than us, and we are definitely happy that we will do this the heavy way 🙂
We have packed all the potage rations and are now working with our snack during the day.
We look forward to meet the rest of the team tomorrow (at this time they should already be there…) . Tonight we will try the famous Greenlandic bufee at Roklubben restaurant. We look forward to taste real Greenlandic food!
🙂 Bengt

Cargo is here


Mike, shopping in Greenland


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