Greenland crossing, Fall 2017, ready to go !

Published 28.07 in category Greenland Fall 2017

After many months, (a whole year for some…) of preparations, both physical, and psichological, plus looooots of equipment, the team and trip are about to start !!!

In just a few days our guide Baard and assistant Sindre will take off, via Reykjavik in Iceland,  towards the settlement of Tassilaq in Eastern Greenland. After some last minute details they will ready to meet the  whole team, Beate, Grete Karin, Genevieve, Martin, Thomas and Leonardo, who will fly the same route.

Then it is time to finish packing, load sleds on the boat and head towards Isortoq, start point for the crossing.

On this blog we will post news, photos and all that we receive from the filed, please share with family, friends or whoever interested.

Here from the “back office” at Ousland we want to wish you all a great adventure and a successful crossing !!!


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