Greenland crossing mood!

Published 26.08 in category Greenland Fall 2015
The expedition routine is starting to settle down.  Everybody has tasks to do when we build and break camp. We ski steady hour by hour towards the west coast.

Today as already a few days before we woke up 5 am. Then we slowly started with the morning camp routine: heating the water for breakfast, eating and breaking down the camp. We ski 7 hour-long legs a day. We start at 8 am and take 20 minute long breaks in between. After the first 4 legs we deserve a longer break for the ‘noodle lunch’. Then 3 more legs before building the evening camp. We did 22 km in a steady pace today and we are plunging deep into the Greenland crossing mood!

We ve got the first fresh snow this evening. Its still falling and tomorrow will be a wet day – stay tuned for more…

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