Happy birthday for Keith

Published 15.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018
We started the day with a happy birthday song for Keith. Bridget made a fantastic birthdaycard that we all signed, wich Keith got after the song.
Keith is the one who is documenting this trip and therefor is the one who always have to walk the longest in a day. He need to be a head, in the back, long away and in the situation – at the same time…, a jobb that Keith does werry well, we all look forward to seeing the result.

We did 8 hours of walking yesterday, that gave us 20km. Some wind straight in our face, but realy nice surface. We are now almost at 1800m above sea.
We even saw signs of life, two packs of geese.
Camp is 52km frim Dye2
🙂 Bengt


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