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Our specially designed Åsnes Jubilee ski – direct from Antarctica!

14th December 2011: What a day! 100 years ago one of the most tens and hard fought Explorer races was settled in favour of Roald Amundsen and his men. It was a lesson in Polar- and expedition-handicraft that shocked and changed the world. It was focus on details and planning in stead of drama and plump heroism. – we here are extremely proud of our guys who seem to be the only ones to have learned the Amundsen Lesson – ‘cause aren’t thy doing well?

Again, they banged in 31km in a very good day. They also descended 40m which is a great feeling. Not that they can feel the difference, but the horizon in visibly lower in front of them! They also report oh huge booms. That shocks you the first few times, but them you calm down. It is a know phenomena there the snow compressing and leaving big air pockets under the top snow-crust. On weight it cracks and gives out a huge boooooom!


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