Happy campers in Greenland!

Published 04.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

Happy campers 🙂

We started out in good spirits with crampons on. The sun have been shining all day and temperature has been high, thats nice but it means a lot of water. Sometimes up to our knees. The terrain and scenery is beautiful with blue and withe ice with melting blue streams all around. It has been a lot of fun but also a big challenge. So it is nice that we are already working together as team. Today we have been on the move 6 legs, and are 7 km from our starting point in 660.

P.S During the next days we will introduce all team members so you get a understanding about who we are.

Cheers from Kristin, Oliver, Pietro, Peter, Samuel, Simon and Seb

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