Happy campers on the way to the Pole

Published 15.04 in category North Pole Last Degree 2014

Report from Bengt Rotmo, Tuesday 15th April at 21:52

Pulkas are screaming in the snow. Facemask freezes over, but on the inside we are nice and toasty. Now and then a newly frozen lead appears, all good enough to go over. Mostly the ice has been generally flat with a pressure ridge now and then. A couple of times during the day we have had some bumpy areas, but always short. Life is good!

Since we put camp yesterday we have moved 23, 5 kilometres closer to the pole. This morning was cold; we even had a break where we put up the tent shortly. Weather improved at the end of the day. Now we even can feel the sun trough the tent.  It might just be an impression, but anyways we are happy campers. Drift was positive at night, but have stopped a little now. 72k’s to the pole!


Our position: 

Lat89deg22’33” Lon131deg8’19” Alt -4 m (2s ago) 15-Apr-2014 18:38:24


Our camp…



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