Hard work going up

Published 04.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013

Another hard day carrying all equipment on our backs. We did about 2,5 km and 120 metres of altitude gained. Difficult passages with rope and crampons up steep ice slopes, and then carry across land on the other side. But at least we are on snow now, and it seems like we are close to the snowline.

It will be exciting to see what tomorrow will bring. There is a glacier coming in from the south not far from here, but we hope we can haul everything on sleds now, so we don’t have to go two times.

Apart from the hard but rewarding work the weather is really helping. It’s been a beautiful day, sunny  and calm, which is quite rare for “Patagonis”.

Our position: Lat-48deg22’20” Lon-73deg31’58” Alt +457 m (12m58s ago) 03-Nov-2013 23:55:22 UTC


Greetings from the South,


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