Hardangervidda 2018, day 5

Published 20.04 in category Hardangervidda 2018


We are (Thursday 19th April, 20:00) now about 23 km from Haukeliseter. Our camp, click here to see position, is above a valley called Hellevassdalen surrounded by beautiful mountains.

We are in good spirit but some beaten bodies and sore feet….

Our plan is to start up early to get the most out of our day tomorrow Friday, before the weather kicks in.

The last days have been very hot, this is nice but the disadvantage is that we don’t get much glide on our skies. Worth mention is that we have seen a lot of reindeer and wolverine tracks, and a reindeer carcass.

Our team member of the day is Kevin Duffy from Ireland. He is here together with his  girlfriend Edel. He is an eager climber and a great person, allways with a funny remark 🙂 Together they dream about a lot of other projects like Greenland and the South Pole (kevinandedel.com). Also they do charity for this great organization PIETA HOUSE.


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