Hardangervidda crossing 2017, day 3, From Kvennsjøen to Sandhaug

Published 18.04 in category Hardangervidda 2017

From Kvennsjøen to Sandhaug, 28kms….

Nice weather all day, with just a little wind from the west. 4/5mps. We have now entered a somewhat flatter part of Hardangervidda, with more possibilities for some real skiing, and not the climbing and downhill-kind of terrain that we had the two first days.

Those two first days have been tough on our bodies, so it was a blessing to pitch tent at 17:30 this evening…

Now we are gathered around the stoves, melting water for tonight’s dinners and for tomorrow. It usually takes up to three hours. And once the job is done, and after  a coffee or maybe two, we will hit the sack.  

Tomorrow we will try to reach Kjeldebu, some 30kms away. That means another hard day in paradise 🙂

Cheers, Are and the girls.

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