Hardangervidda crossing 2017, day 5

Published 20.04 in category Hardangervidda 2017

Hardangervidda day 5:
The weather forcast left us no expectations of an easy day of travelling…  16-20 m/sec headwinds was what the weathergods had in store for us! And so we got! For 11,5 hours. Not easy to communicate, but we gave signs along the way. Combined with temperatures around 0 C we got sticky skis and total whiteout!
We fought our way through the storm with challenging gusts..
The girls kept smiles on their faces the whole day, even though they had to dig deep in the cellar just to keep an upright position!
At Finse a shower and a three course dinner awaited us. And a good long talk by the fireplace in the livingroom!
We all went to bed thinking: Life is good!  Thanks for the trip you marvelous girls! What an effort you put in this week, you should be proud of yourselves.
Thanks to Berit, Ingunn, Mona, Jeanette, Unn, Johanne, Kristin and Heidi, and welcome to the world of polar exploration!
PS we did 3088 m of climb this week!

Most grateful Are and the best girls in the world!

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