Hardangervidda crossing, day 0+1

Published 16.04 in category Hardangervidda 2017

Up at 06:00, and we were on the trail at 08:00, starting the step climb up the very famous Haukelibakken.

It took us 6 hours all the way to the top including a 1 hour detour.

Very warm and sticky conditions the most of the day made this day incredibly hard, and that’s not even mentioning the white out we had this first 6 hours…

Then the sun came out in the end of the day as a gratitude for all the hard work we had put in !

The tents are pitched at the shore of lake Årmovatni for the night.

I must say that I am impressed with this group of girls:  just smiles on happy faces all day.

The hardest day lay behind us now, and we are really ready for a blast in the days to come on the Hardangervidda-plateau.

Are and the happy-girls 🙂

Are Johansen sent this message from: Lat 59.893566 Lon 7.277627


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