Hardangervidda day 2. What a day!

Published 17.04 in category Hardangervidda 2017

And what a weather !

We started skiing this morning in just our sleeves. Incredibly warm all day, and the sun has been shining from a clear blue sky 🙂

An outside-lunch by the trail overlooking Hellevassbu and Hellevatnet felt like sheer luxury, just like an Old Norwegian Easter post card…

We have not met that many people today, perhaps because they are stuck in traffic going home from the holidays?Ok, so we will have the mountains for ourselves, no problem.

At the end of the day the fearless girls speed-skied down to lake Kvennsjøen! Wow, those girls are crazy!

We skied across Kvennsjøen and are now sitting on a passage between Kvennsjøen and Litlosvatnet, for those following us on the map. Click here for location.

Another long day awaits us tomorrow, so now it’s dinner and an early night, ready for tomorrow !

The Oslo-girls says Hi to their loved ones.

Over and Out. Are and the speedcrazy gang!

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