Heading up towards DYE II

Published 03.05 in category Greenland Spring 2014 with Inge Meloy
Har 60.9 km til DYE2 og regner med ankomst der mandag. vi synger en sang om at vinden snart skal løye litt. forøvrigsvært god stemning inne bak ansiktsmasker og hetter.....

N66.49.382 W047.24.494

Klarte 25.2 km med kuling og hard vind midt imot. 

Alle meget fornøyd etter 10 økter! 



We are now 60.9 Km from the abandoned early warning station DYE II and hope to arrive there on Monday.

We are all “singing a song”, hoping it will help to calm down the wind…

But the mood is very good behind our masks and hoods.

N66.49.382 W047.24.494

We did 25 Km with strong wind against us, and we are all very happy after 10 ski sessions!

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