Heading West

Published 29.08 in category X'Greenland 2012

It does not get much better than his as the Greenland planes open in fullDay 5, Tuesday 28th August: Another beautiful day, but the wind picked up quite a bit as a few tiny clouds rushed overheat this morning. That is probably due to a big low pressure outside the south-west coast. It is trying to get around the corner, but so far they enjoy the high pressure further to the north on Greenland.

The last signs of crevasses are now behind them as the terrain has flattened out and is rising gently. They still go on this panzer crust if ice in top of the snow, but it is diminishing, so they hope for real snow soon.
They are doing 9 stints of 50minute without pushing and are very happy with life.
They camped at 65°57,989N 39°39,117W

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