Heavy snow

Published 27.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

Different stages got different challenges. The one we are facing now on the east side of the summit is a lot of fresh snow that makes the trail hard.

Today we pushed our way trough deep snow and managed to do another 25km!

We were so happy the wind was supposed to die down tomorrow so we could ski next to each other again and talk. But now in this heavy snow I guess it won’t be much talking after all😂

Right now we are crawling in our sleeping bag, outside it’s 17
below .

Life is good on the plateau 😊 All good in Greenland 😊

Rune & The white walkers😊

Some words from David:

The day started as usual with bright sunshine, no wind and fairly warm (for Greenland). As the day progressed the snow got softer which meant a very strenuous job for the front person ploughing a route. Thomas deserves particular mention achieving an amazing 3 km/h on the final leg. 25km in total.

Pre-dinner nibbles were served by Anja : delicious dried tomatoes, cheese, nuts, dried bread and mashed potatoes – leaving us all almost too full to have our main meals. Still looking forward to my wife’s fantastic food when I get back.

Love to everyone at home. Hope you had a really happy 70th birthday last week Ali and sorry I missed the party!

All the best, David the wise😊

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