Highest Point!

Published 27.07 in category Nordaustlandet 2013


Børge putting up the tripwire


We are in camp after walking 22km today. The day has been quite cold with a freezing gust from the South. I´m glad i put my longjhons on this morning. We even had to use mittens today, but stayed in the harnest for 9 hours.

We have seen one fresh polar bear track and two that was a bit older. The fresh one was from a young and small bear. They are all headed to the NorthWest, and I´m pretty sure these bears are going out to the drifting ice North of Nordaustlandet. We are watching out for bears all the time, but today we haven´t seen much at all. It has been foggy the whole day. We have been walking in a cloud. In the beginning we could see a rainbow trough the cloud. After a while it fogged up and gave us a total whiteout for the rest of the day.

Its hard to navigate by sight, so we basically just walk straight forward, with the compass needle as the only course indicator. The ground is flat and smooth and reminds me a lot like Greenland. Anyways, the day has been good, we are on the highest point and two more days should bring us to the lower part between Austfonna and Vestfonna. In other words, we are well on schedule.


Polar greetings from Børge and the Team!


(If you push on the link you have to zoom out to see details on the map)
Lat+79.829016 Lon+024.343950


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