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Published 24.09 in category x'Greenland 2020

As the storm eased, Air Greenland opened the heliport and went to work. In beautiful conditions they were picked up and flown back to Tasiilaq where they set out 29 days ago.
It was both emotionally hard but a huge relief after working in shifts for 5 solid days in the storm to keep the tent alive and enough air getting in. Both they and the tent showed clear fatigue after being plastered by ice particles. Escaping into the tent as icemen after digging to prevent the Icecap’s intent of burying them alive. But making everything else wet in the process. Not least the seeping bags meaning ice-cold nights and very little comfortable sleep.

As you see from the first photo below, the tent in well into a man-made ditch in the snow. But even though they had more than 1/3 of the time trapped in storms, plus big snowfalls and headwinds, there were as always also the stunning beauty if Greenland.
This trip cannot be seen as the hoped-for success; but to take the hard discission to turn around and then get out alive is quite something to be proud of. Not least not to trigger the Emergency Beacon, not exploiting the insurance companies, but doing it all by great polar-handcraft, resilience and not least respect for Greenland and it’s very limited infra structure.

A big thank you to Greenland for welcoming us at these difficult times, to the Authorities, Greenland Command and Air Greenland for being so helpful – and not least to Red House and Robert Peroni who dished up a great meal after everything else was closed for the evening.
The fall crossing proved to be the serious test know it is and can be. We will return. But with even more respect. This is for those who are serious about what they aim for.

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