Hot day!

Published 02.06 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Sun baked on white snow with intense reflection and the still air made it very hot yesterday, with up 20 degrees plus, which is actually worse than the cold. Heat sucks energy out of the body. Snow got sticky and tit was a hard day but 29 km covered. Not bad at all and as Bengt says, spirits is high and its very good to be on Greenland right now.

Now its only 12 km to the icefall and around 35-36 km to the coast. They will try to get as far as possible today, hopefully all the way down, today, since weather forecast for tomorrow is not so good.


So fingers crossed for the icefall.

Latest positions:

Lat+65.743333 Lon-038.905633 Alt +2523 ft (0s ago) 02-Jun-2013 16:44:11 UTC

(this position is from tonight, evening camp position, so it looks like they did not get all the way down, but it is nor far to go).

Last night camp positions

Lat+65.910433 Lon-039.851166 Alt +4081 ft (1m33s ago) 01-Jun-2013 00:01:35 UTC


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