Hunting down another glacier

Published 30.07 in category Nordaustlandet

The ship that takes them to the drop off pointBørge is on his way over the ‘Nordaustalandet’. He left for Longyearbyen and Svalbard the 2oth July and after a hectic night boarded the ship Ulla Rinman. The ship belongs to Geir Åsebøstøl, and it is a big thanks to him they got underway so fast. On the ship they planned to use, there was a huge mess just before departure, but thanks to Geir it all worked out. He was going up in that direction anyway and was most helpful.
Joining Børge on this trip is Vincent Colliard who is French and was on-board when he circumnavigated the Polar Ocean and Anne Holmgren, who is a doctor.
On the trip up they sailed vest and east of Nordaustlandet and Børge was stunned to experience absolutely no ice whatsoever. It was not the calmest of trips, but they got the last bits and pieces organised. They arrived late on and landed in pretty good conditions. On shore they found bones and skeletons from whales and polar bears, so it was an exciting start.
The next morning (Wednesday) the walk started. It looked like a good place to start as they only had to carry their stuff about 1km before stepping onto the ice. There they had some melting and streams lower down they had to rope up for, but soon got onto good solid terrain with no or hardly any crevasses. They skied 13km and camped right west of Kapp Laura where they landed.

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