hurricane on its way…

Published 17.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018

Unlucky number 13… or lucky.

A hurricane on its way with winds blasting us with speeds of up to 120km/hr.

A comforting “thing” to encounter in a wide open landscape with nothing to protect us…

Yet another rest day bunking down for an extra few hours of peace and tranquility while the wind roars and shakes our tents like a pepper shaker, gently massaging us from all directions as it constantly picks up the walls and floors…

There is nothing like catching up on a few extra hours sleep while it sounds like you’re camped underneath a 747 taking flight.

Thank god Bengt tied our tents down with a climbing rope and snow anchor, and that the wind doesn’t seem as crazy as the last storm either as we built a huge snow wall that mother nature enforced with more deposits of snow. Our camp is solid after six hours of digging and building!

Such a surreal scene to encounter: wind so strong it was hard to stand up, the sun eerily peeping through the clouds and all of us digging like mad before it got stronger.

And now we get to wait it out playing games and reading.





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