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The Hurricane from Hudson Bay!

The last days of whiteout have been caused by a hurricane that has come from the Hudson Bay area and is now touring the west coast of Greenland, pushing clouds with wind and snow up on the icecap to where we are. Today that has made a day of ever changing visibility, light, wind and skiing conditions.

Some cm of snow piled up by the wind made skiing a little bit heavier. We put in an extra half hour making an effective 9 hours of movement.

Figures of the day: 24 km skiing. Camping at 2190 masl.

Happy team ready to get to DYE 2, hopefully tomorrow, as we are now only 20 km’s away…

The N.I.C.E. team!

Photo: Getting ready to ski after lunch in the whiteout


The N.I.C.E. Team getting ready to ski after lunch. In whiteout.

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