I am walking across Greenland

Published 07.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018

«Im walking across Greenland. Pretty sure it’ll be mostly flat.» Wrong. So wrong…

Day 2 will be known as a constant burn to the thighs, but in a landscape of breathtaking beauty. Starting off at 9.20 (a little later than expected) with snow falling lightly, the first hour wizzed by. Taking our first scheduled rest we downed our high sugar and fat snacks before heading off. With Bengt leading the charge, we snaked our way up and around the icy-blue frozen mounds. It became a challenge to see if we could stay ahead of our pulka as we slid down the banks, then an even bigger challenge to see if we could drag it up the other side…

The girls of the team were very thankful for the boys help on more than one occasion. As the sun poked through ,the hills only seemed to get steeper, but after a big day on the skis we set up camp for the night just after 4.30pm.

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