Ice world

Published 14.09 in category Greenland Fall 2015
The landscape on the ice cap changes very slowly.

We have been walking on the flats or gentle slopes for weeks now, but today we got a whole selection of icy surprises. The snowy slopes on which we started this morning have soon disappeared and we had to search for the best route between frozen creeks and melted icy surfaces. The snow fields were getting scarce and we had to strech our skiing time to be able to find a spot to pitch the tent for lunch. Then suddenly we had no choice, but to plunge into the fields of glittering crystals of refrozen ice that crushed and sounded like glass when we skied upon them. They were slippery too, so our skies had to get long skins again.

The evening was spectacularly cloudless and our hard work was rewarded by a glimpse on the mountains over Kangerlussuaq.

After 31 km we called it a day and set up camp on the last two patches of snow hardly big enough to accommodate our tents !

The Highway 5


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