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We’ve been carrying during the whole day from 9am to 6 pm and covered the great distance of 5,5km, hmmm… but we found a way which should take us to better ice. However we still need to carry as the good snow is only in our dreams at the moment.

Carrying is tough. We need to go back and forth as we have about 80kg each. In other terms we did 11km with a 40 kg load on the back.

Before carrying like mules, we always scout the route without weight on the shoulder. We make sure to find the best itinerary possible. Something that our lower back, hips, knees and feet are very happy about ;-). Every single detail counts when we prepare our load. Meticulously, we try to rig our loads so we are as comfortable as possible and we don’t loose any gear on the way. We don’t like to have stuff hanging out of our bags so we try to fit everything in.

9am the first 40kg are on our back. We are taking our time since the day is going to be hard on us. Fortunately the weather is very nice. At least we aren’t carrying in the rain (so far). Rain is not fun for what we are doing. It’s already a mission to move forward with good weather. Please Mother Nature, no rain for now!

The terrain got more complicated by mid day. We had to put on the crampons and zig zag between big cracks wide open. Børge is very good at finding the way and memorizing it for when we come back to get the second load. Unfortunately he’s having an issue with his crampons. The boots are sliding out of the crampons which could happen in a bad fall. Børge “Mister fixing” will do a repair tonight in the tent :-).

By the end of the day we clearly feel that the whole body was under pressure, in case we would have forgotten about gravity. In these moments, I can’t stop thinking about the sherpas of the Himalayas. I have seen people carrying twice the weight we have now on our back. And going for days. Thinking about them helps me to move forward.

One question remains. Where is the good snow so we can enjoy the glide of the skis? Apparently still far away. I leave you guys guess what’s the program for tomorrow…

The good thing is that we have found a patch of snow on the moraine we pitched our tent. We’ll water easily as we’ll melt the silky snow around the tent.

Took a photo of the sleds where you see Børge putting his fingers through the crack. Another repair job, but for later as we arent’t using the sleds at the moment.

Alright, the old timer 😉 just boiled some water. Time to eat. Bon appétit!
Won’t take long to go to sleep after that… Bonne nuit!

Our position, CLICK HERE

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