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Published 26.11 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOSaturday morning: Brief update. Christian, Silje, Rory and Trond fuelled at the depot halfway at 2.800metres at around 18:30 Chilean time. And just after 20:00 did they land on the Ross Ice Shelf. The task ahead and Peak Nansen lay basking in sun. They were very, very happy.

Ross Iceshelf

The first camp on the Ross Barrier with Peak Nansen in the background

Doe to the accident at Mt Vinson the other flight was delayed, but at 03:00 they were off too. Jacob called in just as the last pit was loaded onto the plane and him, Ottar, Linn, Gørild and Teo being very relieved had the  adrenaline flowing. Now finally they are all on their way.

From when they land they have to switch to the New Zealand time sector which is 12 hours in front of Norway and 16 hour behind Chile. That is quite convenient. We do this as Polar Explores always want to have the sun from behind, that gives a better view,  less radiation and you can navigate on the shadow.

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