In the icefall

Published 23.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

The lower part of the icefall is about the samme as last year. Its clear that the summer here on Greenland must have been colder than normal. There is still snow now and then. We think this migt be good for us in the higher parrt of the icefall.

We started the day carying loads up to the ice. In three rounds we had all the equipment on ice. Not long after we where on or feet with sleds after us on our way up. Juan has biked a lot, stopping now and then to do some finetuning on the setup. (Juan brought a bike to see how it will perform on snow, he wants to cycle to the South pole later).
The weather has been clear, with some short glimses of sun. our camp is 400m above sea, and 7km in a straight line from last camp.
todays Spanich lesson is comida, wich is food.

Our latest position:

Regards, Bengt

Sigve with the coockingpot


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