Into the crevasse fields

Published 06.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday was a tough day, fighting huge waves of ice, up and down in a maze of crevasses. We made perhaps 400 meters in 4 hours and had to camp on a snow filled crevasse. During the night we moved 9 meters with the glacier flow. But there was no fresh disturbance there, so it was safe enough.

It takes time with the sleds, especially since we need to use rope for safety. But routines are much better now.

The hard work paid off and we got through and up and into the glacier, we are now close to the ramp that will take us to the plateau. There is still a bit of work ahead, but we are done with the most difficult crevassed areas. Days are exciting and scenery spectacular. 

All is well.

Our position: Lat-48deg25’22” Lon-73deg34’24” Alt +182 m (1m4s ago) 06-Nov-2013 00:55:23 UTC

Borge Ousland.

      The crevasse field                   crevasse field


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