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We had an amazing experience investigating that abandoned military station today!

Quite an spectacle rising out of the plateau in the middle of nowhere… As it was half covered in snow, we had to descend a steep embankment, then crawl through a narrow space underneath it to get to the entrance.

Inside it could have been a scene from a horror film… Everything was abandoned and left there: documents, magazines, machinery, engines, vacuum cleaners etc. There was still a frozen half eaten meal in the kitchen. And beers, lots of frozen beers and coca cola drinks from the 80s!

We needed a whole day to investigate it properly but, alas, we had to keep moving.

It ended up being a beautiful day. We camped a little earlier due to our big day yesterday, but still got 22km!

We saw a flock of geese flying, they turned around and came to check us out. They even landed a few meters away from us, and slowly walked toward us, that was a great experience, a sign of beautiful life!

Amazing day in Greenland. Rune & Team


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