It helped to kiss the foot !!!

Published 30.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013

Punta Arenas2

It was just fourteen days ago, Sunday 15 December, that I was here in Punta Arenas and kissed the foot of the statue, trying to ascertain whether the legend was true (those who kiss the statue’s foot will come back to town). It did not look a bad idea when taking off on a long, cold and maybe dangerous trip, and actually many encouraged me to do it!
Now that we have successfully reached the Pole, it could seem that success wasn’t  the result of all the training, good preparations , hard and good work on the tour (or even the absence of bloodthirsty killer penguins  in Antarctica), but that it must have been the fact of kissing the statue’s foot !!!

I was a little tired when I called to Bergen today. But not because of 111 Antarctic kilometers. In the end it was only 7 ski sessions each day and I could have gone much farther than that, at least for a few more days. But tired from the fact of not having slept well a single night!

So now, after my flight has been rebooked so I arrive at Santiago on New Year’s Eve, it is the moment for a very much needed shower and to crawl under the covers in my hotel room in Puntarenas!

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