It is GO!

Published 11.04 in category North Pole 2011

Sunday, Camp 1: Everything has gone according to plan. The flight out to Barneo took off at 16:45. The journey north was smooth, though spectacular. To land with a jet on a sheet of floating ice sounds more like a plot for a disaster movie. – But all went well. And they marvelled at being in such a wild place.
The Russians operating the base did not hang about. After landing it was just a quick brief to coordinate things, they got some fuel and off they went to the helicopter which took them to the drop-off point. They hardly had time to catch their breath! But the low heli flight was a real eye opener to what is facing them over the next days.
After landing at 19:00, they put on the skis and started off. The first day was just a 1,5 hour test to see that all is ok, and get accustomed to pulling sledges etc. They came across several leads, some with open water but most newly frozen. The wind but dying down and the ice drift was westerly, so they were very happy with the conditions.
Now they are well in the tent, having just crossed into the 89th degree North, 89°19”N / 139°58”E to be precise. It is a good bunch of happy campers!

Boearding the Antonov 74 – and the not quite quite ‘Business Class’ – call it Expedition Class!

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