Jabbadabbadooooo! Everything is going our way

Published 30.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

Another great day on the ice!

Worth mentioning was that we saw a black dot far behind us in the horizon, then we realized that a group is using our trail. We are fighting in the front to break a trail, and the last thing we want is to get passed by another group that breaks our bubble! I wrote in the snow: stop following us, go away, and I drew an arrow pointing South. A couple of hours later the dot was still there. I went in the behind and made a big “s#’#t” on the trail, and covered that with a small amount of snow😂 didn’t see more of that dot, it disappeared 😂

Later on we camped earlier than usual, but still 25km!

We had another great tapas night together in the tents and playing charades together 😊 In one leg we had a boom blaster on the pulka, listening to music!😂

Earlier in the morning I gathered the group, all on our knees, holding each other in a circle while I talked about the last days ahead of us. I believe that it’s in the ending that people loose focus, and I believe this because we all know the weather is going to be good, and we all know that we will make it. And therefore the focus will be on other things, maybe boredom, people may start to be irritated and so on. ..Me as a guide, I believe in preventing, if we can prevent blister, prevent frostbite, conflicts, tent fire, I told them this while we took the hands together and yelled the white walkers! This is too keep the head in the game, and they came to me and told me that it was an inspirational speak😊

We are all good, and look forward to the moment the mountains start to appear again, that will be a great moment for us all 😊 Great life! 😊

Rune & The white walkers😊

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