July 30´th – Hard day!

Published 01.08 in category Nordaustlandet 2013


Hi, we are in the tent again. Today was a great but hard day here on the western side of Nordaustlandet.


We are on the same place as last year, but it looks quite different. The glacier has moved back 50 meters! We can only hope that last piece of the route over to Vestfonna ice field  has enough snow and Ice for us to walk on. From here there is approximately 6 kilometers to the glacier starts to rise again.
We started the day with a river crossing. We found a wide and quite shallow place and used our running shoes to keep our ski boots dry.


We had to shuttle the equipment in two loads bout across the river and further on. This camp is only 6km away from last camp, but since we had to shuttle in two rounds we have walked 24km in total. As always it has been hard work carrying the loads, and we are tired in a good way.
A great day, with lots of wildlife, goes to an end and we are looking forward to find the sleeping bag.
Life is good!


Regards, Børge and the Team


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