laaaazy day

Published 31.08 in category Greenland Fall 2016

Lazy day…

After working for 11 days we found it wise to take a short day with some rest. The weather in the morning was total whiteout so we did 4 legs of 1 hour, got 10km and called it a day. The weather cleared a bit in the afternoon when we put up camp and gave us a very nice day off. Hopefully we wont regret it…

The afternoon was spent playing cards in the big tent, eating and drinking.

Team member of the day is Kine! Kine comes from a place called Bjerkreim in Western Norway! Having grown up on a farm she is very tough in all kinds of situations. She has a contagious laughter and hates loosing a game of cards…  a team member we wouldn’t be without.

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