land in sight !

Published 29.10 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2014


It is always nice to find land in the other side of an icecap. It means that the crossing it self has been done. But we still have a lot of work before we are done. We now have to walk on the side of the glacier down to the sea.
We had a wet start today as well. We started with backpacks and pulkas, walked for an hour before we only could go with backpacks. We left half of our gear there and continued down to the edge between ice and land. There we raised camp and had a big lunch before we turned around for our last load. At 20:30 we were in camp with everything. It has been a long wet day in “crampons” in difficult terrain, but everybody is happy.
Our expedition has finally got a name :  “Silverarrow “



Tent reading

Tent reading

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