Lars’ Angels

Published 07.09 in category X'Greenland 2012
Dag14 vind

To show we are not masking the facts – it was very, very windy

Day 14, Thursday 6th September: The morning was very windy, and it was on the ragged edge of possible to ski. But in full combat and fully masked they were up to the challenge after a great day relaxing.
The wind was totally head on, but the surface had finally packed up and made for much better and easier skiing. Late in the day the wind eased and they could relax a bit. In camp it was 28,5 kilometres on the GPS – to their great satisfaction.
As we are heading into another weekend the weather looks good for the 4 or maybe 5 next days. Hopefully they will reach DYE II by Sunday and then head for the Icefall. But before they reach the edge and head into descent another big storm is predicted. This may last for 3 days with 18ms winds and the awkward direction of NW – straight in their faces. So todays test with full facemasks may have been good practice. Though, the temperatures are expected to rise, so we have to wait and see how just much progress is halted.
That the spirit is still tremendous is quite clear. They have (as on all Bengt’s expeditions) come up with a name – Lars’ Angels… I have no idea how that came about.

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