Last chapter

Published 13.08 in category Newtontoppen August 2018

Last chapter
We started the day ready 0800. We had about 5 km to our pickup point. Where the cruise ship Polar Girl was suppose to pick us up 14:30.

We had to carry the pulkas over a couple of morrains to get down in a right angle. The first 3,5 km was great to walk on without crampons. But last 1,5 km got steeper and more slippery and we roped up and got on our crampons. We also attached our pulkas in the rope so it prevented it from hitting us in the legs walking down. We used our time and were down around 12:30

We got on the glacier and it was great to see everyone working together to the bitter end carrying the gear to the shore.

We got the chance to sort out some of our equipment before our boat ride. And on pickup the boat captain said there were 3 polar bears on the island just over there (good reason not to sleep at the shore… ) We did not see them though…

Everyone got a Norwegian waffle and a beer on the boat. We finished with a celebrating with a 7 course dinner at Huset !

Thanks for great adventure, over and out. Upstalboom polar rock stars:-)

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