Last day on every journey is always special

Published 10.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Last day on every journey is always special in its own way. This was one that truly will be remembered for  a long time.
It started already in the morning. Weather was as usual on this trip very nice. When I was on the sat phone to call in yesterday blog, a wildcat jumped up in a tree 2 meters away and posed for me. Unluckily I didn’t bring my camera down to the shore were I had to go to get signal. The cat sat there for almost a minute, watching me before it rained into the thick forest. Out in the small lagoon by the cabin I could see huge fish jumping for flies, wet birds were  all over  the lagoon and out in San Rafael lagoon huge icebergs from the glacier made a perfect frame for the whole view.
We brought all the equipment to the small pier 5 kilometers away from the cabin. The Conaf  “rangers” helped us with this.


At 2 pm the boat came to pick us up. We were all sunbathing by the shoreline when the boat parked by the pier. First comment from Thomas was that everybody had to come back again, because this great weather we have had on this trip is not the real thing.
And to be honest, this Patagonia crossing has been a “weather trip”, but this time the weather has been unbelievable good. Almost no rain, wind or snow. Every day on the glacier we could see San Valentine (4000 meters above sea level and the highest in Patagonia). To compare, when I crossed with Borge in 2009 we didn’t see it at all… only a glimpse of the lower part.
We loaded everything in the RIB and took a sight to the front of San Rafael. On our way we even saw a leopard seal that was sunbathing on an iceberg.


The ride back to Exploradores River was on flat water without a wave! Halfway there a pack of dolphins was out feeding on fish.
On the river mouth we unloaded the gear into an old van and drove the 10 Km of road before we did the last river crossing on a small rowing boat.
On the other side we loaded everything into Thomas´s van and drove back to Coyhaique. We meet the pillow at 4am in the morning!

Now we will do reorganization before we head out for a small adventure close to Coyhaique.







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