last days…19 and 20

Published 07.11 in category Patagonia 2017

Day 19:

We started with carrying load 1 (pulkas, skis and technical stuff down the mountain from High camp, then we followed with camp load, past the first load and almost to San Rafael trail head… What a change that has been on the Glacier here! The setback of the Glacier since 2015 is enormous, and our path down is almost gone. Can’t really see another path shine through either… We could just about use the old route, but another month or two and it will be gone as the ice along the shore is about to fall out…

Day 20:

All through the night the glacier has been calving, cracking and making noise even a huge building site would have been jealous to hear : ) We started early, and went back for our first load from yesterday. Then we shuttled all the stuff to the trail head, and further all the way down… Aprox 20:00 everything was down low.

Now we are renting a real cabin, waiting here for the boat pick up tomorrow.

Happy campers! Bengt

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