Woke up after a short sleep. 60km or so to go to the end. Fine weather greeted us. We started at 10am. A possible polar bear sighting had us on edge but it thankfully turned out to be an illusion. We skied on with the British team we had met earlier, and continued to ski on and the conditions improved.

When we saw mountains there was great excitement after just a flat horizon for so many weeks. On and on we skied. After a late lunch break we were back on the skis as the mountains came closer…

At 1am we stopped and had a hot meal. Warmed up and we were back on the skis. Then a series of downhill slopes had us skiing with pulkas. Not many points for style…

Then the sun rose and warmed us up. The end was in sight. At 7am after 21 hours we reached the end. Hugs and tears or relief. We had done it!!

An hour of sleep and then we skied the few hundred meters to the rocky coastal hill before heading back to tents and packing up. The sound of the helicopter approaching meant big smiles all around. Before we knew it we were up and heading to the village of Tassilaq and civilization.

A huge thanks to our supporters and everyone for following the expedition. We will be in touch after we have a good sleep!


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