LAZY DAY, 21 MAY 2016

Published 22.05 in category Greenland Spring 2016 with Bengt

Yesterday we arrived Dye2 in whiteout conditions.

After celebrating in the big tent, we had “Energadiker Nusstorle” from Thomas, great !!! and a long sleep.

Bengt decided to sleep longer and we started 11:30. We did 4 legs and 12km. 60 minute legs 15min breakas. At 1630 we put our tents up. After that we had our Real Turmat dinner.

Tomorrow we head on for the icefall on the east side. The groups next challenge is the highest point. But we are a strong group and we will do it!

For my family:
Karthy, the Bergans Anorak with the fox is perfect. I cross both fingers for Christian and Andreas for the exam preparations.
Good luck.
In deep love Markus

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