Leaving Oslo behind

Published 24.06 in category Northern Passage - 2010

We could hear the wind blowing in the background when Børge Ousland called in today’s report.

“Last night we had a lively event at Fram Museum in Oslo. Two hundred people came to see us off. Our families were here, friends and many members of the press.

I’m especially pleased that my son Max is joining us for this first leg of the journey, to Bergen. Vincent Colliard, who will be part of the crew for the Northwestern Passage, is sailing with us all the way up to Kirkenes,” says Børge.

For the Northeastern Passage, which is to be traversed first, the third crewmember will be Russian Stanislav Kostyashkin. The northern coastline of Russia and Siberia is sure to prove challenging!

Børge continues his report: “At 19.00 we loosened the mooring from the pier by the museum and sailed out the Oslofjord. At the moment we’re making a 7 knots in a fresh breeze, but tacking a bit against the headwind. It’s 15.00 now and we’re southeast of Larvik. We expect to round Lindesnes, the southernmost point in Norway, the day after tomorrow and gradually chart a northwesterly course.”

Vincent sailingVincent keeps the boat on a true course. The crew members are taking four-hour shifts at the helm.

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