Lectures and igloo building

Published 25.01 in category South Pole 2008


There is time to explore the hills that gives the base its name – and even to build igloos.


Here is the blue ice for which Patiot Hills is known. One of our tents near the base.

The weather has lengthened our stay in Patriot Hills. It’s sunny, all right, but also gale winds – in other words, unacceptable conditions for the pilots to land and take off. The forecast gives little hope of an imminent change of fortune, so I suspect we may well have to practice our patience for a couple of more days.

Some of us are building an igloo. We take walks and go skiing and play cards. In the evening, lectures have been organised in the large dinging tent. We’re warm and dry, and suffering no duress – but we really would like to be on our way home.

We’ve received a message that John has arrived safely back in Ireland. All is well.

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