In his highly rated presentations, Børge Ousland shares awe-inspiring highlights from his polar explorations and adventures during the past twenty-five years, up to and including his recent circumnavigation of the Arctic.

Having traversed through some of the most difficult conditions on Earth — often times alone — Børge proves that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”. Rigorous planning, overcoming fear, and finding motivation even at the most seemingly hopeless of moments, are among the ingredients that have repeatedly led him to success.

Already the worlds leading solo polar explorer, Børge decided to team up with partner Mike Horn in 2006, to become the first to reach the North Pole unsupported during the darkness of winter – one of the most technically difficult expeditions ever accomplished. With this expedition Børge further demonstrates the value of collaboration, compassion, commitment and vision.

Børge had written five articles for National Geographic Magazine and is one of the few speakers represented by National Geographic Speakers Bureau; a part of the National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.


“The challenges that legendary polar explorer Børge Ousland has faced and overcome could hardly be more intense. The riveting story that he tells about his adventures has lessons for all of us.”

– Andy van Duym, Director – National Geographic Live!


“Børge Ousland’s lecture about how to overcome our fears, how to expand the limitations set by our mind, and how to discover our inner strength, totally captured our audience of 2500 young leaders and enterpreneurs from across Europe. Our conference participants took his message to heart: Follow your dreams. Never stop!”

– Siiri Poldar, PR manager
JCI Conference 2006


“Børge Ousland’s polar accomplishments are beyond what most would think possible. Through beautiful images, an understated style, a superb sense of humour and his passion for wild places, he pulls the audience into his experiences.”

– Bernadette McDonald , Vice President – Mountain Culture, The Banff Centre


“Børge Ousland is an articulate speaker who is clearly passionate about his adventures and sharing his experiences with others. Through his use of stunning photographs and engrossing stories, he successfully draws his audience into his adventures, and inspires them to think about their own goals and dreams.”

– Ingrid K. Urberg, Associate Professor – University of Alberta, Camrose



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