“Life is hard. But it’s a good one”

Published 07.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016



The day yesterday started promising with scattered to broken sky (4/8-5/8). But after the first leg sky started to be overcast (8/8) and we moved slowly through the whiteout with uncomfortable wind from SSW witch made the sunglasses and goggles fog up. Putting tents up after leg 6.

Everybody was kind of tired from the challenging weather. The zipper of my sled broke in very unconfortable circumstances and instead of heading into tent for starting the stove I had to sew the zipper with fingers going to freeze.

Anyway, as Bengt says: “Life is hard. But it’s a good one”. Max, Bengt and I (Evelyne) shared the 2-man-one-woman-tent and enjoyed the hot Greenland water made by snow for dinner.

Today back to 8 legs which makes us working from 05:00 am (getting the stove running) to 10pm, when the day and it’s duties are done.

It’s a hard life, but it’s a good one : )

A warm Hello from Evelyne



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