Long and fun days :)

Published 24.04 in category North West passage 2019

Almost 27 km today, sunny with some clouds and kind wind. We did 8,5 hours today! Been long days but fun ones when the Km’s drops behind our skis…

All the best from us ! If mother earth let us ski for more than 20 km a day in five days we will get to Gjoa Haven, by the 28th. But a lot can happens before that, so we take it day by day and try to smile and make jokes when we can out here.
Wohooooo! See u tomorrow again.

Tanel’s wise words today: “To ski the NWP you need low brain activity”

Suits us veeeeery well seeing we are: “The Brainless Expedition Team”

Monica Hundseid sent this message from: Lat 68.649595 Lon -98.528695

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