Low camp and Happy new year !!!

Published 01.01 in category Mt. Vinson 2013


Reached low camp at 2700m of altitude at 23.55 PM, perfect timing. It will be a New Year’s Eve to remember!

Just finished dinner, with “sommer aquavit”, balloons all over the tent and crowns on our heads.
We send happy thoughts back home to our loved ones, and wish everybody a great night! 

Tomorrow we will bring some food and gasoline up to the end of the fixed ropes, at the same time we acclimatize before we rappel down back to low camp.
(Torbjørn is considering flying, since this will be much faster and more fun!!!)

Headwall is the steep section between low camp and high camp.
The section is around 45-50 degrees and about 1,2 kilometers.

All the best from Sigve, Torbjørn and Inge.

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