Meeting point: Longyearbyen

Published 10.04 in category North Pole 2012


The view of Longyearbyen basking in Midnight sun

Tuesday 10th April: The whole team has arrived. And what a team we have! It is multinational. It is a big mix of experience, aims and smiles. Two days ago our team leader Bengt arrived on the same flight as Anastasia from Russia. Yesterday Arne from Norway came together with Andrea from Guatemala and Sine from Denmark. And, to cap it all, today Dave arrived from England.
It is a great feeling, but even they have been greeted by clear and cold Polar weather, enhancing the stunning beauty of Svalbard, they will be hard at work the coming days. Packing, preparing, making the meals, testing and maybe buying the odd missing item. It will be an around the clock scramble to get everything ready for equipment check-in tomorrow afternoon.
But, they will surly find time to go out for a big welcome dinner together with Børge who is up there as well. He will fly in on another mission tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

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