Mirage of Dye II

Published 20.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Spirit is high

We did not receive any voice message yesterday, only the SMS that said all was ok, but Bengt got through with a voice message today. They are now only 15 km from Dye2 (old abandoned American military station, part of the old early warning system), but they actually saw a mirage of Dye 37,8 km away, which must be a record according to Lars (Ebbesen).


A nice place to rest

Conditions are good, snow is packed hard and it is reasonably flat at this altitude. Team spirit is as high as ever, and it seems like they are having a great time up there. Tomorrow should be an exiting day, and hopefully we will see some pictures of the old station.

Camp position this morning:

Lat+66.530300 Lon-046.641616 Alt +6614 ft (6s ago) 19-May-2013 22:26:59 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=66.530300&lon=-046.641616

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