Moonwalk on the Top of the World

Published 16.04 in category North Pole 2011

Celebrations at the top of the World

Friday, 90°North: So, the Pole is theirs. They arrived just after 20:00 after a stunner of a day. The ice conditions were good with few difficult obstacles, and the weather turned to it’s very best. It was Easter skiing and the warmest they have experienced till now. So much so that they could feel the difference in the tent later on!
They celebrated the arrival by doing a team moonwalk. Thomas have been drilling them and they did probably the most northerly Michael Jackson imitation ever. – Though, imitation – Bengt got quite some stick for his performance.
The team was in great mood and enjoyed both themselves and their great goal tremendously. After the celebration they camped and waited for the helicopter that took them back to the Barneo Base where we believe the party continued with other explorers awaiting their flight back to Longyearbyen.

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